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What is Agile Working?

The term ‘agile working’ underpins the methods implemented between workers and their employers that promote motivation, growth and satisfaction. The definition of agile itself, described as being ‘able to move quickly and easily,’ embodies this. The agile workforce aims to push productivity, not just fostering the overall success of the organisation as a whole, but actively striving towards it.

An agile organisation is sensitive towards how individuals work productively. Agility encourages employees to work wherever, whenever and however they may choose. Advancements in internet and communication technology have allowed increased workplace agility, so it is imperative that we continue the adaptation of strategies that allow our working environments to align with new innovations.

These advancements have permitted us to work beyond the traditional restraints associated with performing certain work-related tasks. For example, we can work remotely yet collaboratively with the application of real-time document sharing.

Agile Work Vs. Flexible Work

While building an agile workforce it may also involve flexible working elements, the two do not inherently possess the same goals. Flexible working is focused solely on improving employee work-life balance by providing flexible workspaces and hours. The primary goal of agile working is to concentrate on structuring new ways of working with organisational goals as a focal point, rewarding the workforce as an additional bonus. Agile working utilises elements of flexible working to design a progressively productive system that is ongoing and constantly evolving to suit both the business and employee’s needs.

This results in increased job satisfaction, promoting enhanced engagement with the company as they are empowered to demonstrate that they can be trusted to successfully complete tasks independently.

As employee skills are being used more effectively and they have more control over their environment, there are fewer frustrations involved with being ‘at work’. This fosters a more positive attitude towards working, leading to improved productivity!

Revitalise Your Office Workforce With Agile Workng

Utilising new technologies to empower your workforce towards achieving their full potential, agile working environments are the latest development in innovative organisational methods.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Electricity waste is reduced, as the office isn’t lit up at unnecessary times, while CO2 is reduced as employees aren’t needlessly travelling to and from the physical workspace.

Strategically Utilising Innovation

Technology is advancing every day, and it’s important your company is responsive to changes. 

Considering Your Customers

Restructuring your enterprise to have an agile workforce supports the growing demands of customers in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

A Changing Workforce

Lifestyles are changing, and so are workforces as a result. More people work ‘white-collar,’ professional jobs in offices, rather than labour-related occupations as were common in the past.

Why 2020 IS The Year For Agile Working

Costs are reduced, as employees are encouraged to work when they are most productive, rather than being confined to conventional office hours that may not stimulate their best work.

Business hours are therefore extended as individuals will inevitably prefer to work at alternative times, improving customer satisfaction
Enriched employee satisfaction levels lead to less absenteeism in the workforce, reducing the costs involved with the loss of resources.

The company is more likely to retain talented individuals with less staff turnover. This means spending less on human resources and hiring efforts, and an increased willingness to invest in their team.

There are fewer disruptions to working hours based on factors such as workplace security issues or the weather; overall, a more efficient way to conduct business and increase customer contentment.

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