Re-defining your workspace as an operational expense, a service, instead of a capital expense could unleash the potential of your office to support the ever-growing, post-pandemic agile workforce.

The approach.


2020 forced us all to redefine what working, and workspace, meant. Rapid adaption to home working and re-designing workspaces to put health and wellbeing first mean that the office was no longer the focus it once was.

And there’s no going back. Companies all over the world reaped the benefits of happier and more productive staff, financial savings on wasted office space and access to talent and opportunities across the world.
So, what if your workspace could change as much as you have? And what if it could provide your employees with more than it ever did before?

We’ll overhaul the financial model for your office space and help you re-design it to support your people so that everyone is happier and more productive.

Your workspace, your way.


It’s time to move away from the idea that upgrading your office is something that’s out of your reach until you can raise the capital to re-design it or even move somewhere else.

We’ll show you all the different ways that you can grow your office into something beautiful – taking elements from the traditional, co-working, core and flex, hybrid and remote working models. The opportunity to have a workspace that’s exactly what you need doesn’t have to wait.

Together we’ll look at all the elements that make the perfect office for you – design, layout, location, psychology and technology and create a bespoke financial model that is sustainable and achievable.

How it works

A modern approach to workplace design and build.

Have you ever considered leasing your entire workspace? What could that do for the future of your business?

You’ll get rid of large, upfront capital expenditure and move to a model that prioritises your business’ stability and your employees wellbeing.

Cutting-edge design, future-proof facilities and tantalising technology will shape your workspace bringing with it all the productivity benefits and employee satisfaction that make your business more profitable.

Full turnkey services.

Partnering with us to manage the design and build of your new workspace makes the process simple and stable. We’ll look after the project, cost and design management.

With our great base of contractors, vendors and suppliers we can get to work on multiple aspects of your project at the same time – often reducing the time it takes to complete your new workspace and the friction that comes with managing complex projects.

We’ll start with workplace consultancy and strategy development, then move through to the design and build – managing all the finer details along the way like fixtures, fittings, furniture and technology. We’ll manage any moving and take great care of you once you’re in your new space.

OpEx not CapEx.

It’s a simple switch, but by changing your funding model from Capital Expenditure (CapEx) to Operational Expenditure (OpEx) you don’t have to be in the position of waiting to start building your future workspace. You can do it now.

And when your business needs to change as it grows, all we need to do is re-visit your monthly spend to accommodate the alterations you need, when you need them. An outdated workspace is a thing of the past.

Low, monthly payments can also include the labour and installation costs and even assets you’ve already purchased as we can retrospectively finance those.

Financing your workspace is one of the smartest decisions you can make this year.

Tax efficient.

You can benefit from 130% tax relief with super-deduction.

The super-deduction allowance is one of the most attractive tax incentives for business investment that’s ever been offered by the British Government. You can claim back up to 25p for every £1 you invest in qualifying machinery and equipment until the end of March 2023.

It also offers a 50% first year allowance for special rate assets until the end of March 2023 and the Annual Investment Allowance that provides 100% tax relief for plant and machinery investments has been raised to £1 million until the end of March 2023.

All of these together make a superb opportunity for you to create a workspace that can put your performance way ahead of the competition.

Cash is king.

When you’re running a business, cash is king. And dipping into that cash can reduce your ability to exploit new business opportunities.

We don’t want you to dip into that pot to pay for your new workspace or deny your staff the workplace they deserve because it’s not financially viable. When you lease finance your workspace with us, you can have the office your staff deserve without spending on your capital.

Affordable monthly payments make a new office accessible and viable.

As long as you keep to the terms of your finance lease agreement, you’ll have access to all your assets for the duration of your contract and you can even add it as a tax-deductible expense to your business balance sheet.

Discover the financial benefits to thinking differently about your workspace project

The financial benefits


The financial benefits of changing your funding model from Capital Expenditure (CapEx) to Operational Expenditure (OpEx) open doors for businesses like yours to create a workspace with clout.

There’s no doubt that the office is undergoing its biggest re-think in decades and some businesses are reluctant to invest their capital in a space that’s becoming divisive among the workforce and employers.

But the reality is that there has never been a better time to make the most of the financial benefits available to you when you invest in your workspace.

Government tax relief adds to the incentive alongside the desire from employees to have modern workspaces that suit their needs.

  • How does the financial model work?

  • What will it cost?


How does the financial model work?

When you think about financing a workspace design and build you’re probably used to front-loading the costs. A down payment, interim payments then a final payment on completion of the project.
This makes office refurbishments out-of-reach for many businesses who simply can’t afford, or don’t want to take the risk, to pay for the work upfront.

By using the finance leasing model with us, you can spread the cost of your workspace redesign and refurbishment over a number of years with affordable, monthly payments.

In essence, we help to smooth out your cash flow so that there are no surprises and enable you to reach your goal of having a workspace that is top of its class. There are additional advantages in tax savings along with the knowledge that your working capital is safe and sound.

What will it cost?

So, the idea of spreading the cost of your project over time in line with the useful life of the assets sounds great, but how do the tax savings work?

Firstly, it is worth pointing out that tax savings are only relevant to organisations subject to paying tax on their profits. For public sector organisations and others who don’t, the main benefits are typically around making budgets work.

As the illustration below demonstrates, there are some tax savings associated with using capital (mainly through the tax relief afforded by capital allowances) but typically these are modest compared to the 100% tax relief (on both the capital and interest) available through leasing.

Remember this is for illustrative purposes only, as individual circumstances differ.

The commercial benefits

Tax efficient

Tax efficient

For private sector organisations, leasing provides a highly attractive, fully 100% tax deductible solution. Those that are subject to higher tax rates have even more to save.

Retain capital

Retain capital

Locking capital away in depreciating assets is no longer necessary. Free up the cash to be deployed elsewhere, working harder for your organisation and delivering true returns.

Costs match return

Costs match return

Leasing allows you to match your costs in line with the return on your investment, unlike capital where all costs are paid upfront and in full.

Make budgets work

Make budgets work

Make investment decisions based on your needs and not limited by constrained budgets which might otherwise restrict what you can achieve.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Become less reliant on your primary funder(s) and spread your risk. Your existing credit lines remain unaffected and you unlock access to 50+ specialist asset funders.

Fixed costs

Fixed costs

Your payments are manageable, low and fixed for the duration of the agreement so no hidden surprises or exposure should interest rates rise in the future.

Strategic solution

Strategic solution

Strategically, leasing provides you with a mechanism to manage the lifecycle of your furniture and fit out assets, across your whole estate, avoiding large capital investments.

Spread VAT

Spread VAT

Rather than pay the VAT in full upfront as you would with traditional capital expenditure, the VAT is paid on each repayment (excluding Hire/Lease Purchase agreements.)

Financial illustrations



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