Get the design particulars right for your intended users.


The design of your coworking space should reflect the values you’re trying to communicate to those that use it. First and foremost, it needs to be a place people want to return to.

Designing solely for productivity is no use if your clients are deterred from their first visit, while spaces that hinder productivity will lose clients in the long run. Achieving a co-ordinated balance between effective working conditions and inspiring visual environments is key.

Nurture workplace communities

Those turning to coworking spaces often seek a sense of community as part of the offering. Independent workers may look to engage with those outside of their individual space, seeking the social benefits that are often taken for granted as being part of an office. Corporate clients may seek to enhance their workforce’s ability to connect with complementary industries and brands, building connections that can strengthen the company as they go. Both the physical layout and visual cues can foster a sense of community within your new space.

Configure considered layouts

Considering end user requirements, what’s the best way to configure your spaces? Think about whether your intended clients are large-scale corporations or solo entrepreneurs – your target market might even differ between floors. You might opt for an entire floor of on-demand hotdesking suites, or a combination of dedicated desks and private offices. Having an idea of the relative demand for different types of space within your overall offering will help you to get the balance right, and it’s always a good idea to leave room to adapt if the reality turns out to be different to your predictions.

Optimise spaces for productivity

On a more granular level, consider the tasks and preferences of employees within each type of space. Your workspaces should be designed to suit the user, instead of forcing the user to adapt to the space. Flexibility and adaptability are once again key here, allowing you to tailor the environment to different users over time.

Embed your brand into the space

As the developer of a coworking space, you should have a compelling brand that successfully encapsulates all that your business stands for. Infuse a welcoming sense of character by infusing visual elements of your brand into the design of your coworking space. Promote creativity with a feature wall that matches your brand’s colour palette. Include considerations that also represent your brand’s purpose. If you’re all about building connections, instil a sense of community with multi-team break hubs. For a sustainably minded space, make the most of natural elements and repurposed materials.

Invest in flexible furniture

The initial coworking space you design might not be the one you’ll be working with in ten years’ time. As we’ve witnessed, the way we work can change over time. Habits fluctuate, and technology is likely to advance, shifting how we may use offices in the future. Choosing adaptable furniture is worth the investment in order to provide longevity to your space. This sense of adaptability is also key to ensuring your coworking business is a successful one. If you do find a certain layout or space doesn’t work for your audience, you’re then free to adjust it without additional expenses.

Enhance experiences

One of the many perks of coworking is the shared amenities. From high-end staff kitchens and refreshment points, to bathroom facilities, wellness rooms, cafe-style spaces and the ubiquitous beer tap, the collective funding you’ll receive from clients provides the opportunity to develop higher-end facilities than your coworking users might otherwise get to experience. This can enhance their perception of your brand and your offering, providing a sense of prestige.


Bringing your coworking space to life


Marketing matters

Putting your coworking space out there is perhaps the most difficult part of the process. Beyond the initial strategy, design and build of the development is the marketing of the concept and the business of generating demand for your business.

At Office Workspace, we know there’s much more to curating an appealing workplace than just the design of the space itself. We are able to offer advice and assistance in marketing your space, from helping you plan your message and identify your target market, to helping you to put together marketing materials and collateral that showcase your business at its best.

Focus on flexibility

While you should have a dedicated strategy set out before your build even begins, it is likely to evolve as your space develops. Be open to changes regarding the way workforces, and your clients in particular, are operating.

Take responsibility

If things aren’t quite working for your clients, you need to be prepared to act on their feedback. Finding out what works and what doesn’t and adjusting accordingly, is vital in order to continually improve your offering so that you remain competitive as the market’s needs and expectations evolve.

Record feedback from clients on a multi-level basis. Don’t just ask the corporate manager of a client how it’s working for them – engage with individual team members. This is key to evaluating where you need to make change in order to keep your coworking space a success.


Office workspace can help you create an innovative coworking environment


At Office Workspace, we’re experts in developing modern office spaces that enhance productivity, creativity and collaboration while reducing costs.

As a multi-generational, family-owned business, we’ve refined our methodology over the years to provide our clients with best-in-class solutions, services and support. As attitudes to the workplace evolve, so do we, and this is reflected in our approach to the workspace. Fusing data-led practicality with our unwavering creative vision, our coworking developments are designed for success.

If you’d like to discuss how our coworking space solutions could work for you, please call our team on 020 8309 0000. Alternatively, you can get in touch via our online contact form.

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