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We create workspaces that enable your people to achieve more – to be more productive, more connected, more engaged, more creative. To work better.

Building spaces that support and empower your staff to work wherever and however they want is the future of the workplace.

We create workspaces that help your people and your business to thrive, with an evidence-based approach that puts your people and the work they do at the heart of the design.

When you provide people with the right tools and the spaces for their jobs, you remove barriers to productivity, collaboration and innovation.

The way people and organisations work has changed for good. To be fit for purpose, the workspace needs to change too.

The office space is no longer just essential for productivity. It’s essential for performance.

Office space is no longer just about your business. It’s about the people who work in your business and giving them a workspace that has everything they need to do their jobs well.

Performance-driven office space puts people at the heart of its design and purpose. How they work, what they do, how they collaborate, the tools they need and the technology that’s essential for them to excel in their roles.

59% of UK business leaders believe that hybrid working makes companies more profitable.

But what underpins this success is creating workspaces that truly serve the people who are working for you. Providing your staff with exceptional workspaces that empower them is a change for good.

So whether they’re working from home or coming into the office, enabling your staff to work well wherever they are is key. Having access to the space they need, when they need it also has the potential to remove up to 80 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

What will change look like for your business?

The UK has become a nation of workers with the power to work anywhere, at any time.

So it makes sense that their workspaces need to catch up to support them better than ever before. Your people thrive when they’re given freedom, flexibility and fantastic workspaces that support their roles.

Today’s work is a collision of ideas and collective thought – fast paced and full-on. And to keep up, your workspace needs to change. In today’s world, your workspace needs to enable collaboration and collectiveness at every level.

Communication and collaboration are more important than ever.

While working from home has given staff the opportunity to set their own schedules and the freedom to work when they like, 48% say that they have difficulty working with others because of this.

There’s only so much a Trello board or a Slack channel can do to help your teams collaborate and share ideas. The real magic happens in inspiring workspaces, designed around people and enabled with all the tools they need to do their job.

And with UK workers now heading into the office less than 1.5 days a week, it means that opportunities for collaboration need to be embedded into every part of their lives – whether that’s remote or in-person.

The working environment is ranked as the fifth most influential factor when accepting a job offer.

So if you’re looking to attract top talent in a competitive market, you need to make sure your workspace meets their expectations.

Equally, if your workspace promises lots but delivers very little then you’ll also have problems retaining that talent and keeping them motivated. Your office space is no longer simply a place to get work done. It’s imperative to your employee satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

Winning the war on talent starts with your office space.

What if the world of workspace could look and feel every bit as good as you imagine?

We’re here to show you that a truly inspiring and supportive workspace is both essential and achievable for you and your staff.

Thanks to our office design, workplace psychology, technology insight and smart financing experience, the workspace you and your staff have been dreaming of is closer than you think.

Creating a bold and brilliant blend of workspace that sits alongside your staff desires for flexible working and hybrid opportunities means that your office will become a beacon for collaboration, support and purpose.

Give your business the chance to flourish alongside the people in it.

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The future of workspace isn’t one size fits all. Today, a successful workspace means building a blend of approaches to work that benefit employees and business.

Discovering the approaches that work for your business is the first step to creating a workspace that powers up your performance.

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The role of the workspace is to enable people performance. Statistics show that when people are happy, they perform 12% better. And your workspace is key to this.

Considering the location, environment and the space within your workspace is vital to drive staff satisfaction and performance.

A 2021 Hubble survey showed that most people preferred working from home because of their commute not because they didn’t like the office. Overcoming this barrier in people performance is crucial to getting your employees to embrace the office.

When you consider your office space, don’t ignore the importance of place. You can design the best office in the world, but if people find it hard to get there it could prove a big block to your productivity.

Working has evolved from process-driven to discovery-led.

And this means a certain amount of orderly chaos needs to be embraced within your workspace. Rows of desks are rapidly being replaced with collaboration spaces and breakout rooms, all designed to generate a flow of ideas and exciting opportunities.

Business is no longer linear. People are no longer working in the patterns that they used to. Regular, informal collaboration has been proven to be key to business success.

If you want to put this to the test, then our workspace audit will show you all the hidden assumptions you’re making about the ways your employees work and show you how a different way of working can truly change how your people, and business, perform.

The pandemic proved that people can do their jobs from anywhere.

And technology was key to this. Surprisingly for many business leaders, productivity didn’t drop. Technology is the greatest enabler when getting the most out of your employees.

Even if people are in the office, providing them with the ability to automate simple tasks or provide them with tools to make their job easier (audio visual equipment, instant messaging or tablets) will go a long way to maintaining their satisfaction at work.

You’ll also be able to see how your technology impacts your staff over time if you implement smart building technology.

Work-life balance has never been more important than it is now.

52% of people surveyed by the Future Strategy Club said that the pandemic had given them a better work-life balance thanks to home working. And most don’t want to see that go backwards.

It’s vital that your workspace supports the improvements in work-life balance for your staff. This means establishing an office that is agile and flexible, reacting to what staff want and need rather than being a rigid and one-size-fits-all.

Work, and the office, has a huge impact on your employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.

The environment you create, the furniture you have and the facilities you provide can all impact positively, and negatively, on your employees. Designing workspaces that look after physical and mental wellbeing is rewarding for both employees and businesses.

The CIPD’s 2022 Health and wellbeing at work survey identified three top benefits of employers increasing their focus on employee wellbeing:

  • A healthier and more inclusive culture
  • Better work-life balance
  • Better employee morale and engagement

If you’d like to discover how powerful your workspace can be in promoting good health and wellbeing then we’re ready to show you.

Workspace performance


Is your workspace reaching its full potential? How do you know? If the answers to these questions are evading you then perhaps it’s time to evaluate how well your workplace is performing.

If you want to create a workspace that supports your organisational goals then all you need to do is listen.
The data will speak for itself.


Office science, not rocket science


While this might sound overly simple, it’s a proven formula for workspace success. Around the world, surveys are consistently proving that when you listen to what your employees are saying and what your in-office data says then your workplace will become a happier and more productive place.

The first step is to map your organisation’s internal landscape, starting with your people, the work they do and the ways they interact.

You can find out more about how we use data and analysis to shape your workspace design and discover the difference it can make to your business.

Workspace evaluation


Taking time to evaluate your current office and its productivity is essential if you’re going to maximise your business potential.

We have all the tools and research abilities you need to create a rich snapshot of exactly what’s going on in your business. Capturing footfall, occupancy rates, happiness and technology use are just some of the ways we build a picture of where you are now and then bridge the gap to where you want to be.

Is it time to get under the skin of your workspace and find out what’s really going on? Take a look at why evaluation can make all the difference to your workspace.

Our workspace evaluation consists of three key pillars:

  • Research & insight
  • Strategy
  • Change management

Good workspaces don’t happen by accident. They’re a creative blend of bold design married with grounded analysis and rich data.

Evidence-based design


The body of evidence we collect to create future workspaces is detailed and wide-reaching. A blend of qualitative and quantitative data from all aspects of your business helps us to design a workspace that’s reactive to your needs and supportive for your employees.

Taking into account processes, health and wellbeing, working patterns, equality and diversity and environmental concerns we aim to build a holistic picture of your workspace so that everything we design is purposeful.

Want to know more about how we design your workspace? Take a look at our design services and find out why evidence-based design is the only way to create a successful workspace.

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