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At Office Workspace we have one clear objective – to help your people to work better.

Our approach


A focus on people sits at the heart of our approach. As the foundation of your business, they are instrumental in the achievement of your goals and for the growth of your business.

Our workspace consultancy services dive deeply into the psychology and the needs of your employees. We use this evidence to enable us to design and create stunning workspaces that are driven by your employees and dedicated to making their work impactful.

From flexible working and hybrid roles, to the latest technology and design principles – everything we do puts your people performance first.

Our people-first approach sits at the heart of everything we do.

At Office Workspace, we put people first in everything we do. Not just in our design and delivery of exceptional workspaces, but in our relationships with our clients, partners and suppliers.

Strong working relationships are built on trust. When you deal with us, you can be certain that we’ll deliver on promises, on time, and above expectations. We bring together cutting-edge workspace strategy and new modes of working, inspirational design, project management you can count on, and aftercare that looks after you and your people over the long term.

Great people performance doesn’t happen by accident. It takes purposeful choices and meaningful change to support and nurture your employees.

And the workspace has a profound impact people performance. Yet only 34% of employees have been asked for their views on the office environment by their employer.

We want 100% of your employees to have input on their workspace which is why they are at the forefront of every decision we make when it comes to designing and building your office environment.

Today’s workforce is a melting pot of styles and personality. Where one employee wants to work from home, another will want to work in the office every day. So it’s important that you’re making a commitment to improving how they experience their work.

Studies show that happy employees are 12% more productive than unhappy ones. Taking the opportunity to improve their experience with you will improve what they can give, and in-turn improve what your business can achieve.

The employee experience is no longer just about the office. It’s about providing your staff with all the tools they need, whether that’s remote or in the office, to get their job done and to do it well.

Values matter to us.


As a family-run business, we’re driven by unswerving commitment and passion for our work. Our reputation is everything to us – something that’s hard won and easily lost. We work tirelessly to innovate, to push the boundaries, and to go the extra mile on behalf of our clients. It’s one of the reasons our customers stay with us over the long term.

Honest and integrity

Honest and integrity

Honesty and integrity are amongst our core values. As a family business since the outset and now being led by the third generation, these values give us the edge in our approach and give you the peace of mind that you are in good hands at every stage.



Not just creativity in the visual sense, but in our approach to solving your key workspace challenges, helping you overcome obstacles to productivity and performance. We also think creatively when it comes to giving you the space you need, within the budget you require.

Exceptional delivery

Exceptional delivery

We’re committed to a perfect, snag-free project every time. Our attention to detail in the project delivery stage means that nothing is missed. We only hand over projects that are exactly as the client envisaged, and our second-to-none aftercare services mean we stay with you to help you settle in and iron out any wrinkles.



Trust and confidence are at the heart of everything we do. We understand just how big a leap it can be in revolutionising your workspace, and how much you need to feel confident in our ability to deliver. We make sure we build those key relationships with every client, so that we can communicate openly and work together to achieve exceptional results.

Company story


We’ve been inspiring spaces since 1973 and they say practice makes perfect. Over 50% of our work comes from repeat business and recommendations. We pride ourselves in our unparalleled level of service delivered through your dedicated project team. With the constant repeat business it allows us to establish a main base within the industry.

With over 45 years experience, we’ve seen the issues that are common in the industry. We understand the importance that fit out and furniture has in today’s businesses. Our combined experience makes us one of the most experienced companies in this sector and that alone puts us at the top of our game. Experience matters.

Quality, sustainability and CSR  


We see quality and sustainability as synonymous. To truly create workspaces fit for the future of work, they also need to be fit for the future environment.

And this filters down through every aspect of the services we provide to you. From the lightbulbs we suggest in your office space to the suppliers we choose, embedding sustainability in every step of the journey is our commitment to improving the planet, alongside the lives of your employees.

Sustainable design is key to this approach – ensuring that we’re building in sustainability where you might not necessarily see it, but it’s there to help your office continuously perform to the high environmental standards you, and we, expect.

For some of our clients sustainable design has looked like installing solar panels to generate their own electricity, for others it’s been building with natural and low carbon materials wherever possible. It’s essential that our designs work in tandem with your environmental policies, reducing your operational costs and minimising your environmental impact.

We follow BREEAM and LEED guidelines and we’re regularly reviewing and updating our service delivery to make sure we’re providing the most sustainable services we can.

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