Meeting room & space management

Arranging a sophisticated system that allows people to book out meeting rooms and invite others to attend makes managing shared spaces easy and stress-free.

Meeting room & space management


There’s nothing more frustrating than turning up to an already occupied meeting room because there’s been a mix up in communication. A digital booking system can avoid this hassle and clearly show the room calendar and who has it booked and when.

But some workspaces are also using this technology to book individual desks. If you’re running a coworking space or you’ve implemented a reduced capacity office and want to give your employees clarity around when to come in, knowing they have a desk space reserved, then this can be invaluable.

You could also use this technology if you’re going to be running on-site classes like yoga or pilates or lunchtime workshops – a few clicks and staff can book on to the activity they choose with ease.

If you’ve not considered this technology before, we’ll show you the ways in which you can apply it to your workspace.

Examples of space management technologies

For agile, hybrid and activity-based working, the ability to book hot desks is a vital tool to monitor and optimise space utilisation, providing your people with certainty around the availability of space on any given day, as well as providing you with valuable information on patterns and levels of occupancy over different days and times.

Meeting room booking systems ensure that your people make the best use of your meeting spaces, providing visibility of when rooms are available, preventing timetable clashes and encouraging users to spread their usage evenly out over the working day, minimising bottlenecks and shortages of space.

Automated security systems are becoming more important as patterns of working shift away from the traditional 9 to 5, towards core and flex working hours. Keypad entry systems provide an always-on layer of security that supplements staffed receptions in keeping your premises safe and secure around the clock.