Audio visual

Bringing elements of audio visual into your work space can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel but also the potential productivity of your workspace.

Audio visual


You might want a showcase video in your reception area, a product demo video in your shop window or a giant screen for auditoriums to give people at the back a clear view of what’s happening on stage.

Audio visual can bring so much value to so many spaces within your organisation.

Bring presentations to life with embedded audio visual capabilities in your meeting rooms. Large screens with audio, connected via HDMI and bluetooth, are now the standard for professional meeting rooms.

Presenting to a large audience is only possible with an audio visual system that’s fit for purpose. With the same functionality as an ordinary meeting room, but on a grander scale, boardroom audio visual systems are a must for any professional business.

Having the right audio visual system for your collaborative work settings ensure that a team of people can brainstorm and work together with visual aids to take projects forward with minimal obstacles to productivity.

For larger businesses, and especially those with a ‘destination office’ outlook, a fully equipped auditorium sets the standard for all hands meetings when you need to get your message across to everyone in the room. There are special considerations when installing audio visual systems in this size of space, including acoustics and positioning of multiple sets of speakers.

Your reception is the first physical point of contact people have with your company and your brand. Ensure you make the right first impression with audio visual displays that can host branded content and messaging, to establish who you are and what you stand for the moment people walk through the door.