Smart building technology & services

Smart building technology and services allow you to continue the analysis and monitoring of your office long after we’ve completed our workspace audit.

Smart buildings


But the clue is in the name, the smart technology does it all for you and gathers the data so that all you need to do is review the report and implement any changes you need.

By connecting a network of sensors, your building can provide you with real-time information on how it’s being used, how much energy is being consumed, problems with cleanliness or the air quality or maintenance issues.

This can have a direct impact on your running costs and your employee satisfaction levels. The opportunity to capture data that you’ve never had access to before is an exciting one.

Managed service applications


Through managed service applications you can collect data on indoor air quality (IAQ), footfall, occupancy levels, lighting quality, climate, leaks and anything else that you think is important to know about your building and your staff.

It can all be done remotely – taking time-sapping manual tasks and turning them into automated action plans.
Thanks to the pandemic, capturing levels of occupancy became essential to implement social distancing but now employers are recognising that the data can also be used to re-configure or even reduce office footprint. You’ll be able to see which parts of your space are being used the most and which are used the least, giving you invaluable data to make strategic decisions.

You’ll be continuously monitoring aspects of your building that have a direct impact on your profitability and productivity.

Not only can you monitor what’s happening but you can also control it using smart technology. You can control the temperature and lighting levels of your building remotely, using the data you’re capturing to know when you can turn temperatures and lights down – saving you money on energy bills and also reducing your carbon footprint.
Smart building technology could be the missing piece in your office jigsaw puzzle.

This is the difference that aligning technology with the user can have on your office. Daring to build a system around you, rather than the other way round, will have huge benefits for your business.

Smart building strategic partners


We work with a range of strategic partners to deliver state-of-the-art smart building solutions:


Keep your entire space secure, safe, and within capacity thresholds with real-time anonymous people counting sensors. Control the flow of utilisation, ensure the wellness of those in the space, and cut down on excess costs with capacity management.


Reliable and intuitive location experiences to connect people with buildings, at scale. The Deep Location® platform enables businesses to create immersive location experiences and to improve their operations in their physical space.


GoSpace Live automatically reserves the right amount of space for your team to sit together, every time you want to work in the office. Whether it’s your current team, a new team or it’s just you.


GoBright offers solutions for a better insight into the accessibility of offices, the presence of free workspaces, the availability of meeting rooms and the provision of information.


Serraview enables intelligent space planning, hoteling and office hygiene. Determine how to structure employee seating for maximum productivity; enable reservable desks and other agile seating strategies; guide employees to hygiene resource locations.