Coworking technology

Ease of use is key for coworkers. They want quality, simplicity and accessibility.

Coworking technology


If you’re running a coworking space then fitting it full of technology makes life easier for the people who use it and will ensure your facilities are fully booked. Ease of use is key for co-workers. They want quality, simplicity and accessibility.

Consider how people might access your coworking building. Will they have a code for a keypad or will you issue swipe or contactless cards for entry? Some people will want to access your site at any time of day, so ease of access through technology is essential.

If you charge extra for certain facilities, access to meeting rooms or to pay for coffee or tea, then contactless payment methods will be important. Only 14% of the population carries cash anymore, so ensuring you can take payment from people electronically is important.

The details make the difference


Booking systems are also important to reserve meeting rooms or gym facilities so take time to consider how easy these are to access both internally and externally – people will want to access the booking system from home as well as in the space.

Added extras like printers, tablets, projectors and digital screens will all enable users to immerse themselves in the space and reach peak productivity. We will walk you through all the options available to you and show you how they would work in your space.

Examples of coworking technologies

For coworking setups, the ability to book hot desks is a vital tool to track occupancy levels and space useage, ensuring clients can access the facilities they need on a day-to-day basis, while also providing vital feedback to the provider on demand and patterns of use. optimise space utilisation, driving business decision making.

Meeting room booking systems ensure that users of the space can access the facilities they need, making availability instantly visible via an app and helping to avoid bottlenecks in demand. This ensures clients are able to reliably access the space they need, while also alerting the coworking provider to overall demand levels.

Automated security systems are becoming more important as patterns of working shift away from the traditional 9 to 5. Keypad entry systems provide an always-on layer of security for both clients and coworking providers, supplementing staffed receptions in keeping your premises safe and secure around the clock.

Coworking spaces need to be equipped with the same kind of technology overlay you would expect to find in any business. Projectors and screens for presentations are key to ensuring meeting rooms and presentation spaces are fit for purpose, particularly for end users who lean on coworking provision for their client meetings.

Videoconferencing has taken centre stage as a business tool in recent years, with the shift to hybrid, remote and agile working meaning that teams connect in the virtual space now more than ever. High-end videoconferencing is a must for professional coworking meeting rooms.

Digital smartboards enable people to collaborate seamlessly on planning and brainstorming, with the ability to share the results instantly via email and the cloud. Coworking spaces will stand out from the competition by offering this kind of creative, cutting-edge technology as part of the overall package.

Being able to accept instant payments for various add-ons is an important part of the coworking revenue model, while also providing flexibility to users of the space to access facilities without having to go through laborious booking and invoicing procedures. It also helps with cash flow for the business.