Office Design and build services

We can offer a full turnkey, end-to-end service, making it easy with one main point of contact throughout the duration of your project.

Office Design and build services


Behind every successful office design project is our well-established team of skilled professionals: designers, technicians, project managers, estimators, technologists, site managers and project delivery teams, who work in the background to develop, build and deliver your ideal workspace.

Our contracts management team keep everything on-site safely on track and you’ll be kept up to speed on progress with regular updates and site meetings. We aim to snag as the build progresses, so that your project doesn’t get held up in the late stages by problems that could have been solved sooner.

Design and build with us is a commitment to quality at every step of your workspace journey.

Cat A and Cat A+


Our experience in both CAT A and CAT A+ refurbishment means that we can help you to create a blank canvas if you’re looking to create office space for other people to rent and personalise or we can help you to do the CAT A refurbishment if it’s needed before we commence CAT B.

If you’re not familiar with the different categories, CAT A & A+ are refurbishments to a level where the space is fully functional but empty – think water, electricity, toilets, kitchen areas, air conditioning and fire detection systems.
So if you’ve found your dream office space but it needs a lot of help getting it ready to be occupied, we can help you. Doing both CAT A and B refurbishments concurrently can save you money and time as we can often do aspects of the work at the same time.

We work closely with commercial property agents, landlords and institutional investors to create spaces that are ready for occupancy.

If you want to discuss getting a building up-to-scratch for your workspace then we’re on-hand to help.

Cat B


CAT B refurbishment is the complete re-design and fit-out of your new office space. It’s taking that blank canvas and turning into a workspace that flourishes.

Soft furnishings, art, lighting, furniture, colours, carpets, booths, seating areas, relaxation rooms, technology – all of the fun and fantastical things you can think of are involved in CAT B refurbishment.

A CAT B fit-out shapes the interior spaces of your future workspace. We’ll design floorplans, layouts, and space plans building your branding into the fabric of your new workspace.

If you’re curious to see the difference a CAT B fit-out can make then take a look at our case studies for some inspiration and motivation.

Designing the space you need is just the start of the journey. Delivering a high-quality project on budget and to deadlines is where the real work begins.

Project delivery


Our workspace project delivery and account management are flexible because we know that there will be changes and the odd surprise along the way. You might change your mind on certain aspects or you might need to add on some additional functionality to a space or a piece of technology.

Our experienced team are here to tailor the procurement and project delivery strategy so that you get the best value on your project and any changes are slotted in while we keep things moving.

Explore our full suite of project delivery capabilities

You’ll be excited to get in and start using your new office space and that’s why it’s important for us to keep our promise to you by delivering your new workspace on-time and on-budget.

So we’ve put in place robust project and programme management checks and balances. We regularly review your design and build programme and include a risk review with our consultants and appointed contractors.

We take a consistent approach to reviewing your workspace design and build programme alongside general project management duties throughout the duration of your project to re-manage risk, monitor progress and identify where we might need additional resources.

Staying one step ahead is essential for us to deliver you a quality workspace that’s exactly what you expect, with minimal disruption or delays.

Early on in the process we’ll agree a project communication programme with you, including methods of reporting for the duration of the project so that we’re delivering transparency throughout the workspace programme. We have an issue and information management system which is fully auditable and includes automated notifications and task management.

We don’t leave anything to chance when we’re managing your workspace project.

We have a team of quantity surveyors and estimators who are always working hard behind the scenes to deliver quality and value for money across the lifecycle of your workspace.

We’ll consider the costs and budget of your design and build alongside the longevity of the fixtures and fittings and any technology that’s being embedded into your office. Making sure your new workspace supports you for as long as you need it to is essential to our cost and budget management.

We have a wealth of strong, trusted relationships with our suppliers which means that you receive competitive costings and quality throughout the project.

Strong supply chain management and procurement is essential for us to deliver on our promise of quality and value for money.

For over 27 years, we’ve worked closely with our trusted suppliers who have demonstrated the same commitment to materials management, just-in-time production, delivery and environmental standards.

Our promise to you is that our in-house supply chain and procurement team engage with the entire project team to gain a thorough understanding of the project objectives, design rationale and KPIs; ensuring that projects are delivered on time, along the best route and on budget.

A well-oiled cog in the wheel of our project delivery team, our procurement and supply chain team are there at every step of the journey to give you a workspace that delivers on excellence.

The correct Mechanical and Electrical design is an essential part of your new workspace. Safety and compliance are paramount to your installation and keeping everyone safe is our top priority.

It’s also hugely important as part of your wellbeing and environmental agenda – having the right levels of lighting and ambient temperature can make a world of difference to how your employees feel and how productive they are. And making all the energy efficiency savings you can is hugely beneficial for your office costs and the environment.

We can provide a comprehensive suite of M&E services:

  • M&E Design and Build Services
  • Lighting and lighting control
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • HVAC, general air handling
  • Heating systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Security access control
  • Alarm systems
  • CCTV
  • Data and communications
  • Generator and UPS backup

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) is a hugely important aspect of your new workspace. It’s the life and soul of your office environment.

Our design consultants pay special attention to the pieces that they feel will have the most impact in your workspace and they procure pieces from a wide range of suppliers and manufacturers all over the world. We’re not tied down to a rigid procurement path – we’ll source the most suitable and stunning FF&E for your office rather than using a particular supplier.

Your office needs to be as unique as you are.

If we feel your space needs a distinctive finishing touch then we have a network of carpenters and furniture specialists that will design and create one-off pieces to make your office space pop.

As with every aspect of our design and build approach, we’ll be considering the lifecycle of any items we procure to make sure that you’re getting value for money alongside quality and stunning spaces.

Everything from furniture to storage units, specialist equipment and fittings – we make sure everything is procured with your workspace strategy at the forefront of our minds.

Health & Safety


Health and safety is at the forefront of our design and build services. Your workspace fit out will be overseen by our health and safety team to keep everyone safe before, during and after your office refit.

But we don’t just leave the H&S to our experts – we believe that everyone at Office Workspace is part of a team that delivers safety. We promote a health and safety culture on-site where everyone takes responsibility for creating a safe environment.

During your workspace fit out you will be assigned a Health and Safety Manager who will be your central contact for any concerns or questions you might have and you’ll have full access to our in-house Health, Safety and Wellbeing team. They’ll carry out regular audits to ensure that your project remains ISO 45001 compliant. They’ll also oversee site-specific training and keep you regularly updated.

Your safety is our top priority.

Snag-free Programme


As part of our dedication to quality and trust in our workspace design and build programmes, we offer a snag-free programme. What does this mean?

It means that we make sure we resolve any snags as we go along so that the end of your workspace project isn’t held up by small defects waiting to be fixed. When we say your office is ready, it’s ready. Any problems we find will have already been resolved.

Usually, snagging is done at the end of a building project but this can hold up progress and lead to frustrating delays. But our priority is to have snag free projects.

Our current record on delivering snag free projects is 100%. And we’re adamant that this won’t change.

Sustainable Supply


It’s important for us, you and the planet that we’re sourcing everything we use in our workspace design and build sustainably. Investing in a supply chain that’s prioritising sustainability is important for us to be able to meet our own environmental targets, but also to help you achieve yours.

Around 80% of any business’ emissions lie outside of your control, both up and downstream the supply chain. By sourcing sustainably we’re helping to contribute to the reduction of that number and promote sustainability throughout our business and yours.

It also helps to protect your brand reputation and credibility. Employees and consumers alike are all demanding businesses improve their environmental impact so by partnering with us you’ll be taking positive steps to make that happen.

We take into account the longer-term impact of everything we put into your office – from the electrical installations and heating to the re-purposing and recycling of your fixtures and fittings at the end of their life. We can also advise on waste management solutions and day-to-day practices that can drastically reduce the impact your office space has on the environment.

Sustainability is an essential component at every step of your workspace design and build.


We aim to achieve high BREEAM and LEED ratings when we’re creating a workspace for you. These two credentials ensure that we’re prioritising sustainable practice and sustainable building methods, including the performance of your workspace once it’s up and running.

Offices have an important part to play in reducing carbon emissions. Construction and building alone is responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions throughout the world and SMEs are estimated to be producing around 30% of the UKs total carbon emissions.

We prioritise including high levels of efficiency in your workspace – reducing the consumption of energy, water and promoting good sustainable practice day-to-day. From our design and materials to the technology we install – we examine the impact on the environment of every aspect of your workspace.



BREEAM is the world’s leading science-based suite of validation and certification systems for sustainable built environment.

It prioritises key areas for the built environment that encapsulates a sustainable approach throughout a building’s life.

  • Net zero carbon
  • Whole life performance
  • Health and social impact
  • Circularity and resilience
  • Biodiversity
  • Disclosures and reporting


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. LEED provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings.

  • Improved financial performance for business
  • Attract tenants and command higher rents
  • Meet your ESG goals
  • Happier, healthier employees
  • Healthier spaces with clean air, daylight and chemical-free
  • Reduced energy usage, water and waste
  • Sustainable material use in building