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Our approach to workspace design begins with listening closely to our clients to understand their specific needs, challenges and pain points. But we don’t stop there.

The approach


We’ll delve into the data to understand how your workspace is currently operating, interrogating assumptions and building a nuanced understanding of the way your people work.

Our aim is not just to give you the space you may think you need, but the space that will genuinely drive better performance for your business.

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  • Space planning and utilisation 03
  • Brand realisation 04
  • Biophilic design 05
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Workspace design

Our workspace design services are a direct result of our analysis and research that we carry out when we begin working together. Nothing is done by accident. Every design choice we make is intentional and conscious, from the data we have captured from your staff and workspace.

It’s no surprise that the end result is a stunning fusion of new technologies, bold design and furniture, spaces that reflect working processes and facilities that promote health and wellbeing. We create spaces that motivate and inspire, while improving the performance of your business.

We walk you through “what if” scenarios so that you can see the impact certain choices might have when your business grows or shifts to new working patterns. Seeing how your workspace can evolve over time can help you to make better decisions in the here and now.

You can be assured that any designs we suggest not only reflect your ethos, brand and culture but they will support you in achieving your business objectives by providing a space that is immersive, high performing and fit for purpose.

Concept and detail design

Our design approach is broken down by stages. The first phase aims to establish the high-level concept for your space, Building on your workspace strategy, we work on the overall layout, look and feel of the space, putting a framework in place that brings together the key features of your new space.

The detail design phase is about taking the initial framework design, and overlaying all of the finer details that can make or break the success of the final workspace. From technology overlay, to branding and design features, furniture and finishes, nothing is missed in our detail design package.

Space planning and utilisation

A recent survey by PwC of 258 of the UK’s largest companies showed that half were expecting to reduce the size of their real estate portfolio and a third believe that they will reduce their office footprint by more than 30%.

This is where smart space planning and utilisation comes in. If you’ve got a lot of empty desks, the temptation might be to shrink your office. But is that what you really need? While your employees might be working from home, they may also be calling out for collaborative spaces to connect and share ideas that they simply don’t get when working from home.

Smart space planning will help you to get the most out of your workspace, and that might include downsizing, but it will also help you get the most out of your employees by providing them with services and spaces that they actually want and need.

We’ll show you how you can accommodate future growth and evaluate your current use and occupancy (take a look at our Workspace Consultancy services ) so that every inch of your office is reaching its full potential.

Brand realisation

Our workspace design services breathe life into your brand identity. It’s no longer just a document on your screen, but a living, breathing representation of it for everyone to experience.

We achieve this through artwork, graphics, soft furnishings, furniture, plants, lighting, technology – even down to the flooring. Every part of your office will exude brand experience, leaving your employees and your customers in no doubt about who you are and what your brand stands for.

These small touches can make all the difference to building and growing a sense of brand identity in your workspace.

Biophilic design

Bringing elements of nature into design is growing in popularity with increasing urbanisation. It’s also become hugely important since the pandemic. Almost half of the UK population said that they are spending more time outdoors since the pandemic began and this has had a knock-on effect for people’s wellbeing, and productivity, in the office.

Bringing the outside inside is good for your employees – it’s been attributed to increased office productivity compared with lean offices (those that are bare and lifeless).

In your workspace, biophilic design could look like a few plants, strategically placed to bring some colour and texture. But it could be living walls or canvases that create sumptuous backdrops, giving the illusion that employees are nestled deep within nature.

You might want to go bold and introduce water features or logs for seating in an internal courtyard.
However we introduce it, nature is great for your workspace.

Visualisation, VR, AR & CGI

We love to give you an immersive experience of your new workspace before it’s built. We bring our creative workplace designs to life through office design visuals.

Our 3D representations allow you to get a true feel for what your new workspace will look like and you’ll even get 360 degree views of your new office from specific points. You can view them on your laptop or your phone to get an idea of how your new space feels.

In addition to this, you’ll get to virtually walk through your new office space with a VR headset so that you can get a true understanding of the heights of ceilings, the depths of fixtures and fittings and the layout of your workspace. This gives you the opportunity to spot when somethings not quite right or just revel in the experience.

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