Workspace Technology

Building smarter workspaces is about more than just the space. It’s about the tools and technologies you give people to enable them to work better.

Tools for collaboration.


Technology is one of the biggest influences today in shaping how and where we work and what we can achieve. It’s important that your workspace provides technology approaches that meet the expectations of today’s workers.

Embedding technology within your workspace while you’re designing and building new offices is a smart move. You’ll be able to plan for any future needs and make provisions that give you exactly what you need right now, safe in the knowledge that when you need to change you’re already equipped to make that happen.

Workspace technology consulting

As part of our Workspace Consultancy we’ll take a good look and analyse the technology you’re currently using and how it’s working for you.

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Audio visual

Bringing elements of audio visual into your work space can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel but also the potential productivity of your workspace.

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Unified communications & collaboration

With more workers than ever working remotely, it’s become essential to make sure that colleagues can communicate in a collaborative way as if they were in the room together.

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We help organisations create workplaces they never thought possible.

We’ve helped businesses across a breadth of industries to reshape their workspaces to be fit for the future of work. Find out more about our work and our design approach.

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Coworking technology

If you’re running a co-working space then fitting it full of technology makes life easier for the people who use it and will ensure your facilities are fully booked.

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Meeting room and space management

Arranging a sophisticated system that allows people to book out meeting rooms and invite others to attend makes managing shared spaces easy and stress-free.

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Smart building technologies

Smart building technology and services allow you to continue the analysis and monitoring of your office long after we’ve completed our workspace audit.

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