Workspace furniture

Your office furniture is a chance to make an impact. There’s no room for the dull and the ordinary when we’re designing a workspace that’s fit for the future.

Workspace furniture


Our furniture consultants will take all of the detailed data we’ve collected from our workspace consultancy process and drill down into the specifics. They’ll then choose furniture that nurtures what your employees have said they need or that our analysis has shown will make a difference.

You’ll be confident that your furniture delivers on the look and feel for your office but that it also performs how it’s meant to. Furniture can have a huge impact on your employee health and wellbeing – they won’t be happy if they’re uncomfortable at their desk or sitting awkwardly in a rest area.

Furniture selection


We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your furniture as we work with suppliers and manufacturers all around the world. We have the freedom and flexibility to choose bespoke, local pieces or larger suites of furniture from further afield.

Choosing furniture is a tactile experience so we encourage you to take a pilot study as part of the change management and employee engagement process. That way we can collate feedback on individual pieces of furniture and arrange for samples and showroom visits to explore them further.

It really is the finishing touches with furniture and furnishings that complete your workplace so we’ll make sure they’re delivered and installed as they’re meant to be.

  • Flexible desking 01
  • Huddle spaces 02
  • Modular meeting pods 03
  • Boardrooms 04
  • AV furniture 05
  • Breakout spaces 06

Flexible desking

The desk is still at the heart of the office, it’s just that now it’s being utilised in a different way. Flexible desking, with plug-and-play technology integration, is an essential component of today’s offices, whether agile, activity-based or traditional.

Huddle spaces

Huddle spaces allow small informal meetings to easily take place away from the distractions of an open plan office space, but without the need to book a meeting room. These flexible, semi-enclosed spaces are perfect for small teams to come together to plan and discuss.

Modular meeting pods

Modular meeting pods bring a new level of adaptability to your meeting room provision. Rather than being stuck with fixed rooms and locations, modular pods can be deployed within a wider open plan space, and can be moved around and reconfigured as needed.


The boardroom is key space for enabling large meetings and presentations. A statement boardroom table is a key ingredient for this kind of space, with integrated AV points to allow people to easily connect and present during those all-important strategy and board meetings.

AV furniture

Integrated AV furniture is become more important than ever with the move towards agile, hybrid and activity-based working. The ability to quickly share documents or dial in remote colleagues from an informal meeting space is a key ingredient to productivity in the new office.

Breakout spaces

Breakout and social spaces are vital to allow your people to connect, to build bonds and share ideas away from the formality of the office, as well as providing spaces to relax and unwind during the busy day. These spaces can play a pivotal role in establishing the ethos and identity of your workspace.