Activity-Based Working

Optimise your office space to better support your people

The need to reshape the workspace


Over the last few years, the role of the office has changed, and this shift in where and how people work has opened up opportunities to think differently about how that space is best utilised. Activity-based working is a smarter way of organising your workspace that focuses on the idea that each location within an office should function to suit a different work-based activity.

Discover the benefits that activity-based working can bring to your people and your organisation:

  • Optimised people and business performance – through enhanced collaboration between teams and individuals
  • Engaging workspaces that drive employee effectiveness – by making it easy for your people to carry out the variety of tasks their roles require
  • Maximising impact with space utilisation – by removing underutilised and inefficient space and rationalising your property costs
  • Futureproofing workspaces – by creating a space that adapts as your business evolves, so it continues to provide value over the long term
  • Promoting wellbeing – increasing opportunities for people to move around the workplace can have a profound positive impact

Our latest eGuide takes a detailed look at how you can achieve these benefits by implementing activity-based working in your office space.

Download the guide to find out more.

Download the eGuide

Find out how activity-based working can help your people and your business to be more productive, more adaptable and ultimately more profitable.

What we’ll cover


In our latest eGuide, we’ll look into how you can harness the benefits of activity-based working in a way that’s right for your business and your people:

Supporting your people better – ABW is about using innovation to adjust our spaces to suit the way we work – not the other way around

A strong sense of community – ABW leads to higher levels of engagement with colleagues in alternative roles, feeding into a stronger sense of shared community and work culture

Adaptable, dynamic spaces – The ability to adjust workspaces to suit activities gives employees a greater sense of control over their surroundings, promoting engagement and wellbeing

Diversifying the workspace – The exact configuration of spaces and amenities will depend on the needs of your own workforce

To find out how activity-based working can help your people to work smarter, driving better productivity and future-proofing your office, download the eGuide.