Do You Stay or
Do You Go?

Deciding whether to relocate or refurbish when planning workspace change

What do you do when your office is no longer fit for purpose?


There are lots of reasons why businesses outgrow their existing office space. Whether expanding, merging or downsizing, restructuring or looking at a change of location, there are lots of factors to take account of. The big question is: do you remodel your existing space or are you better off moving somewhere new? It’s not a decision to take lightly, which is why we’ve put together a guide to help you navigate the process.

Our eGuide will help you to navigate the decision-making process in a series of easy steps:

  • Understand your key drivers – from organisational needs, to financial factors and the shape of the property market
  • Establish a process – from budgets to timelines and setting your key criteria, our guide makes sure nothing is missed
  • The benefits of staying – we look at the case for refurbishing from every angle, including logistics, costs, timescales and more
  • The benefits of moving – take a deep dive into the case for moving locations, whether it be to get a better deal, radically change the amount of space you occupy, or move to a better area
  • Workplace analysis – discover the tools you can deploy to make an objective decision rather than relying on assumptions and instincts

Our latest eGuide takes a detailed look at how you can make the best decision for your business by taking a robust, evidence-based approach to the question of whether you should stay or go.

Download the guide to find out more.

Download the eGuide

Find out what steps to take and which drivers and factors your need to consider when deciding whether to refurbish or relocate your offices space.

What we’ll cover


In our latest eGuide, we’ll show you how to make the best possible decision for your business, by harnessing the power of workplace analysis:

Space occupancy – Understand how much space you really need, not what you think you need

Space utilisation – What kinds of space do your people use most, and how well do those spaces perform?

Technology – Do your people have the right tools to succeed, and if not, where are the gaps?

Employee questionnaires – Find out how well your office is performing in the eyes of those who use it every day

Process mapping – Gain a deeper understanding of the different activities your teams undertake, and how they interact, to build a picture of dependencies between departments and teams


To find out how to navigate the complex decision of whether to refurbish or relocate, download the eGuide.