Surplus Space

Transform your office grey space
into a revenue generator

Transform your office grey space into a revenue generator


The role of the office has undergone seismic changes in recent years – partly in response to the pandemic but also driven by innovations in technology, new ways of working and the attitudes and expectations of workers. As a result, offices are changing in both size and shape, with many businesses faced with decisions about what to do with underutilised, ‘grey’ space.

Our latest eGuide explores ways you can think differently about surplus or underutilised space to put it to work for your business. We will cover how to:

  • Take advantage of the evolving role of the office
  • See ‘grey space’ as an opportunity, not a burden
  • Optimise your excess office space by subletting
  • Transform your grey space into attractive offices
  • Work with property agents to achieve ideal outcomes
  • Make the most of the design and build process

If your business has been left with excess office space due to evolving working patterns, our eGuide on how to optimise this space will help.

Download the guide to find out more.

Download the eGuide

Find out how to make the most of your surplus office space by repurposing it to create a profitable solution.

What we’ll cover


In our latest eGuide, we’ll look at strategies for turning surplus or underused space into a revenue generator for your business:

The benefits of subletting – How to generate income from your surplus space to benefit your bottom line

Space optimisation – Ways to reconfigure your space to make it work harder and more efficiently for your business

Focus on flexibility – Designing agile workspaces that can reconfigure as your needs change

Working with property agents – How to successfully market your space for subletting

Workspace tech overlay – How technology innovations can create a plug-and-play workspace for coworking and hotdesking


To find out how to turn your surplus space into a revenue-generating asset for your business, download the eGuide.