eGuide: The New Workspace - Driving better people performance

Is your workspace ready for tomorrow’s challenges?

The New Workspace: Driving better business and people performance


Discover the post-pandemic innovations enabling organisations to work smarter

The events of the pandemic forced many businesses to quickly change how, where and when they worked – becoming more responsive to changing circumstances and looking more closely at how to best support their people and processes. The question is, how will organisations cope when the next unforeseen challenge arises?

In our latest eGuide, we take a detailed look at the workspace thinking and innovations that have changed the face of the workspace, and how they’re enabling leading businesses and their people to work better in 2023:

  • Driving productivity and performance – by optimally aligning your workspace to your people, processes and business goals
  • Mitigating business risk – by creating a workspace that flexes and adapts to a continually changing world, including unpredictable challenges such as the pandemic
  • Enabling better communication and collaboration – combining people, space and technology to remove barriers to effective collaboration, both in person and across diverse locations
  • Rationalising business costs – by optimising the use of space, eliminating unused or ‘grey’ space, and making your property footprint work harder for you
  • Attracting and retaining talent – with a workspace that not only enables people to achieve more, but also fosters a sense of community, vision and shared purpose

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Download The New Workspace to find out how to harness the latest workspace strategies to drive business and people performance – and how to tailor a solution that’s right for you.

What we’ll cover


We’ll take a panoramic view of all the ways in which work and the workplace are changing to become more effective, more dynamic and more performance-focused. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • How to maximise the 6 key workspace fundamentals that drive business performance
  • How to identify your organisation’s working personas – and what they need to succeed at work
  • How new modes of working – from agile, to activity-based, hybrid and remote, coworking and the ‘destination office’ – are shaping leading-edge workspaces
  • How intelligent workspace design drives productivity, collaboration, talent attraction and retention, agility and future-readiness, while driving out unnecessary costs

To find out how new ways of working and the New Workspace will benefit your business, and how to build a strategy that’s right for your specific needs, download our latest eGuide.