Using Office Workspace to find potential commercial properties

Commercial estate agent integration involves dealing with any issues that may arise while relocating from current commercial properties to a new location. Office Workspace provides a comprehensive relocation integration service, allowing you to focus on the things that matter the most during your move.

We all know how difficult it can become to have your success hindered by those little elements that can often be overlooked, so we’re here to guide you all the way through your integration needs. We do this right up until the last step of your relocation experience, ensuring you’re well settled into your new environment. While doing this, we focus on the needs of your company throughout. This allows us to help you set up a new, innovative workspace that’s been successfully relocated to and installed within its final destination.

Successful commercial estate agent and relocation integration services will deliver expert advice and techniques that provide you with the office workspace that allows everyone to work harmoniously and effectively. Ultimately, the end goal of these services is to ensure that your workspace remains fully functional and appropriate, taking into account the future success of your business.

Understanding your goals

We take great care when ensuring our integration services are aligned with the goals you have in mind for your company. Before carrying out any of our services, we get to grips with exactly what your business requires with regards to the full integration and successful relocation of your current commercial properties. Close communication is key here, as we need to fully understand how you’d like your business to progress during and after your office relocation. We’ll carefully inspect properties that may fulfil your needs, guiding you through the ways we think each selection could benefit you.

Our goal is to fully optimise your workspace to reach its potential. Creating spaces where your employees can learn and thrive is essential to us, and it all begins with gathering information about where you’d like your business to go in the coming years.

How we make your experience hassle-free

At Office Workspace, our reliable and organised commercial estate agents can help you take care of everything, whether you’re relocating or setting up from the very beginning. We aim to make each stage of your office relocation as seamless as we possibly can. Wherever issues do arise, as is natural when it comes to making such huge changes, we have the experience required in order to take care of them swiftly and with ease.

Causing minimal disruption to your normal working schedule is something we always aspire to achieve. Office relocation is no easy feat, but with Office Workspace, we work with everyone involved in order to settle things quickly so that you can get back to work in no time. We’re always on hand to deal with any queries you may have along the way, as we navigate your business through the essential steps to securing the perfect new office workspace.

Dealing with logistics

We know exactly what you need to undergo a successful office relocation. Due to our many years of expertise in the area, we have devised comprehensive checklists regarding each process. This allows us to ensure that nothing is forgotten about during your move, even the smallest of details.

Health and safety is crucial while relocating, so we conduct a full risk assessment and communicate clearly so that everybody knows their role in the move. One manager sees the process through from beginning to end, to avoid confusion or miscommunication. We then coordinate ourselves carefully as a team in order to achieve the best outcomes and work together effectively while undertaking the move.

Your company’s privacy is important to us at all times, so we strive to make sure that confidentiality is maintained at all times. All confidential documents are closely monitored throughout the process, while full security gives you peace of mind about your assets. IT department integration is also involved, as we contact those necessary to transfer everything seamlessly.

Careful negotiation with third parties 

Our commercial estate agent integration service provides you with great negotiators that are able to secure deals of commercial properties that work in your favour. Finding the best space for your new office relocation isn’t something to jump into without the right knowledge. That’s why we’re well equipped with the years of expertise required to analyse how each location works for your company.

We provide you with comprehensive advice on the potential locations you might be considering, looking into the pros and cons of each one and how these may impact your business. We do this not only from a short-term viewpoint but further down the line, too. Throughout all of this, we maintain communication with everyone involved in your relocation efforts. From solicitors to landlords, we deal with each party professionally, keeping your needs at the very core of our negotiations. We’ll also ensure that your initial workspace is restored back to your original landlord’s requirements, facilitating the flawless transfer from old to new premises.

Redesigning your new space

Once we’ve helped you select the perfect premises for your office relocation/commercial properties needs, you’re going to need to make that space a fully habitable and productive workplace. We therefore guide you through clear consultations with you and your employees, in order to determine how we can best achieve the results you’re looking for. Our workplace consultancy services are unparalleled, and we are the experts in defining how the design of your workspace can be carefully engineered to achieve the best results. Whether you’re looking to be cost effective, enhance productivity outputs, or simply provide your workforce with a creative space that allows them to thrive; we work closely alongside you to reach your office interior desires.

At Office Workspace, we use various elements such as space utilisation and futureproofing techniques in order to provide you with designs that will change your premises for the better. We want you to be able to achieve more with less space, reducing costs while furnishing your office space for the future. As a third-generation, family-run business, great office design is intertwined within our very DNA. We take great pride in the work we do for offices throughout the London area, and we are fully dedicated to the industry we love. This level of dedication to providing our clients with amazing service is evident, as our company continues to go from strength to strength, accruing loyal new clients along the way.

Implementing our innovative ideas

Once we’ve settled on the perfect fit out or refurbishment design for your requirements, we’ll install the new interiors to achieve the complete office workspace you’ve been dreaming of. Our team of fit out and refurbishment decorators have been working within the industry for many years, and there’s no challenge they can’t overcome with their great capabilities.

You can see some of the stunning examples of our previous refurbishment and fit out work to take a peek at the many ways we could transform your working environments. Get inspired by our new ideas and time-tested techniques.

Call us at Office Workspace today, on 020 8309 0000 to hear more about how we can help you with our comprehensive relocation integration services.

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