One size doesn’t fit all in the future workspace


Just as there are some workspace needs that are universal, there are others that vary depending on the type of role and also the work preferences of the person undertaking that role. Adapting the workplace to accommodate these multiple working personas ensures that there is the right space available for each individual and team, and the tasks they undertake. This in turn supercharges productivity, worker effectiveness and engagement, leading to better business performance.

Leading global management consulting firm Bain & Company (2022) identified 6 types of workers in their report based on how we can “rehumanise” work. Each persona brings different strengths to the table and excels at different kinds of work, and most businesses require a mixture of these in order to function optimally. Furthermore, each persona has different needs and preferences in order to flourish, which has a clear impact on the shape of the work environment.


Operators are practical thinkers, engaging in work tasks that are primarily focused on ‘getting the job done’. Operators tend to need more productivity-enhancing tools that help them maximise efficiency in the day-to-day features of their role. Removing obstacles to speed and efficiency is key for this persona.


Givers are focused on creating positive change through work. They are highly empathetic and therefore perform well within team-related projects. Collaborative, selfless, and least motivated by monetary means, Givers seek meaningful opportunities and roles where they feel they can help. Teamwork and communication are key requirements for this persona.


Artisans are empowered by passion for their work – often ending up in roles they’re inspired by. This drive to constantly refine their expertise means artisans are able to solve complex issues at work, though they require more autonomy to do so. They’re less team-oriented, and more focused on mastering their own capabilities. They often require quiet space to concentrate, and specialist tools and work settings to perform at their best.


Explorers embrace freedom, thriving when they are able to manage their own autonomy at work. They prefer flexibility in the tasks they take on, leaning towards roles that require more variety. Explorers tend to switch occupations most frequently, so they may have a range of expertise that means they’re an ideal all-rounder. Explorers need variety, and the flexibility to choose different work settings, both on- and off-site.


Strivers are motivated by the idea of success, constantly re-evaluating how they can improve their professional activities. They are led by long-term goals, so resist the temptation to be put off by a lack of variety at work. Strivers are highly competitive but will also work well in a team with a view to building status and professional development. They tend to perform at their best when located together to motivate one another.


Pioneers are future-minded and ambitious. They are often outspoken with regards to their strong opinions and views, and work best in environments they feel they have control over. They are often high achievers at work due to their unwavering commitment to achieve their ‘vision’. Pioneers thrive on change, work best in fast-paced, flexible environments and need the ability to adapt their work settings as needed to progress their aims.

Different companies will have different proportions of these personas, with some being more driven by one type than another. The first step towards building the optimal workspace is to understand the people who make up your business, both as individuals and as teams, in order to build up an organisational profile that will inform the blueprint for your ideal work environment and the work settings it contains.

In our next blog, we’ll be looking at the different modes of working, and how you can build a bespoke blueprint that’s right for your business.


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