Google’s intriguing office design

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, Google is known as one of the “Big Four” businesses, alongside Facebook, Amazon and Apple. Due to how the Google brand is associated closely with the technology world, it makes sense that they place a lot of emphasis on ensuing their headquarters are innovative and unique. If their office workspaces were outdated and boring, it would be harder for them to uphold the idea that they are a forward-thinking brand.

The corporate headquarters of the company are located in Mountain View, California, and known as the “Googleplex.” While they have multiple locations all over the world, the Googleplex receives a lot of attention due to its eye-catching design and unusual installations. Read on to find out why this is a great idea, and how you can get an office as inspiring as theirs…

What is office refurbishment?

Office refurbishment involves redesigning and then renovating any office space in order to meet the changing needs of a company. Office refurbishment aims to update the premises, improving the office workspace to ensure it is kept up to date with changing trends, technologies and ideas. Companies usually figure out they are in need of office refurbishment services as they start to realise their office spaces are no longer urging staff to be productive and think creatively. If an office space is outdated and dull, this can have a major impact on the workforce and have a consequential knock-on effect on the company’s revenue. Carefully considering the environment within which any workforce operates is therefore essential to the success of any brand.

Incorporate your brand image

If you’re considering a complete office renovation for your own company, identifying the key qualities that make you stand out as a brand can be a great place to start with design ideas. Involving your brand image in the way you redesign your offices can lead to great results! It has the effect of enhancing company culture, reminding employees that they’re part of the brand’s community and making sure they feel at home in their workspaces. If all companies had the same office design, there’d be very little room for inspiration and the brand itself may begin to lack personality.

Google is a brand known for its fun persona and quirks that make everyday life just that little bit more enjoyable. From funny Easter eggs such as typing “do a barrel roll”, to the dinosaur game that pops up when you are disconnected from the internet in Google Chrome, they have always found their own way of adding more fun for those who use their search engine.

Adding elements of fun!

Google have incorporated the same level of playfulness their brand is known for into their working environments. Brightly coloured Google bikes are stationed outside the front of the Googleplex for employees to use, while the grounds are decorated with an oversized statue of the Android mascot. The mascot is occasionally updated and decorated to be seen alongside sweets, biscuits and other treats, while wide open parks decorated with waterfalls allow people to exercise and play ball games freely. The whole of the Googleplex is dotted with fun ideas such as these. Installing spaces where employees can unwind and enjoy their breaks together can also help to improve co-worker relations, which can strengthen teams and lead to greater outcomes from collaborative work.

Fine-tuned functionality

Despite their tendency to focus on fun, Google is also a company based primarily on function. Their search engine is used in the everyday lives of billions of people all over the world, and it does a great job of making things that little bit easier for us. The additions they’ve made to their office spaces are also designed to be functional, too.

As one of the world’s most reputable companies, they have certainly recognised the importance of developing workspaces that work to help improve employee wellbeing. Some of the statues on the grounds double up as seating spaces for staff, while obstacle courses and exercise equipment are stationed in various places. Providing thoughtful details such as these is often looked when thinking of profit margins and the business side of things, however it’s always important to remember that your employees are the key asset to your company. Looking after them well, by providing facilities such as leisure areas, well-designed washrooms and comfortable break rooms, will improve their work ethic and increase productivity.

Vibrant colours

For decades now, Google has become easily identified by the bright mixture of primary and secondary colours used in their logo – red, yellow, blue and green. They’ve used these same statement colours in the design of their innovative, forward-thinking headquarters, too. When looking at their office refurbishments, the spaces are immediately recognisable as being part of Google’s offices due to the clever use of their brand colours throughout. These bright colours aren’t just for decoration, however. Endless amounts of studies into office design and refurbishment have found that bright pops of colour can stimulate the brain, keeping employees inspired and engaged with their work.

So, how can you get an office like Google?

Incorporate your brand image

  • Make sure that your brand image is incorporated throughout your office refurbishment designs. This will increase employee engagement, pushing them to work while keeping your company’s brand at the forefront of their minds. This can lead to stronger outputs, more successful work, and in turn, more profits.

Adding elements of fun

  • As Google has a fun personality, its headquarters are designed to match, too. They’ve gone a step further and even installed a statue of the Android mascot, while the grounds surrounding the offices are intermittently decorated with similar inspiring updates.

Fine-tuned functionality

  • When talking about office spaces, it has to be remembered that they are, first and foremost, a place for work. Despite the increasing trend for including leisure activities and quirky decorative elements in modern office refurbishments, attention must be paid to whether these installations will prompt successful work or hinder it. One way to get around this is to be sure that fun boosting elements aren’t too distracting, and that they serve more than just one superficial purpose.

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