If you’re interested in relocating your office workspace, there may be a few issues that you might not feel particularly well equipped in dealing with. Finding the best property that ticks all the boxes with regards to what you’re looking to achieve during your relocation project is certainly something that requires a lot of dedication and knowledge. Not only do you have to search for this property, but you also have to secure the deal using careful negotiation techniques to reach a price (leased or purchased) that suits you.

Other considerations, such as whether you may make a loss on your investment, ensuring compliance with the law and lease agreements, as well as evaluating the true cost of property, can also come into play here. It goes without saying that there’ll be a lot on your mind during your office relocation and adding all of the above to the stress simply won’t help matters further. That’s why many companies undergoing their office relocation projects seek out the help of third-party services that can help them undertake their relocation swiftly and successfully.

At Office Workspace, we can see you right the way through the very beginning to the end of your office relocation, dealing with all the minor (or major) considerations that may pop up along the way. Leave the specialist bits to us as we do our best in making sure you achieve the most out of your office relocation. Here’s a short guide to how our partnerships with commercial estate agents can improve your relocation efforts.

What Do Commercial Estate Agents Do?


Commercial estate agents are responsible for bridging the gap between your business and finding the perfect property location that’s well suited to your future goals and needs. They’re well-versed in the intricacies surrounding properties available around their area, and they build upon this foundation of knowledge in order to provide you with sound advice that can help guide you towards making the right decisions for your company’s relocation project. Your office relocation service can do this by working alongside you to fully comprehend your business goals, perhaps through using workplace consultancy methods. Evaluating these goals against particular properties that become available on the market and considering whether these properties could be the right fit for your relocation destination.

Securing The Best Deals

We all want to make the most out of our investments, no matter what we’re investing in. Property investment is a particularly major decision to make, considering that the largest outgoing cost of a business is predominantly linked to its fees associated with physical real estate and office locations. Not only does this involve your office workspace, but any additional real estate your company may require, such as warehouses, retail buildings, and parking facilities for your workforce.

Owning or leasing properties such as these can involve huge costs for your business, so you’ll ultimately want to reduce costs as much as possible while also considering your company’s evolving needs. Enlisting the help of commercial estate agent services is therefore the norm in helping guide you towards making the right choices that will ensure you receive the best deal on your investment.

Selecting The Perfect Relocation Premises For Your Goals

Commercial estate agents will communicate closely with you in order to develop an actionable list of factors that should be taken into consideration when determining which space suits your relocation goals best. These could involve anything, from the desire to move to a larger property in order to expand your employee base in accordance with the growing success of your company. On the other hand, it could simply involve finding a location that means your workforce can cut down on commuting times and costs related to fuel usage. Often, you will have a multitude of reasons that are related to your decision to move offices and relocate. Commercial estate agents are the experts in seeking out the properties that actually meet the goals you have set for your relocation project.

They have a thorough understanding of the commercial property market and how it operates. They draw upon their extensive levels of knowledge based around certain areas of the market, staying updated with the latest releases in property development locations and remaining fully informed about how the industry is performing.

After careful coordination and communication with you and your business, they’ll develop a strong understanding of a shortlisted network of properties that have been selected to suit your requirements, and you can then visit, filter through and make decisions based upon these selections. This means you don’t have to undergo the arduous task of narrowing down searching amongst millions of properties yourself; particularly when you’re not especially trained in the area.

Navigating Negotiations With Expert Advice

Negotiations made with relations to any business deal can be complicated and hard to navigate, so commercial estate agents provide the bridge between you and the companies you’ll be negotiating with in securing that perfect new office location. They have years of expertise in navigating tricky business deals and impressing their clients by making tactful moves, often in ways that you yourself may overlook or consider to be a minor consideration.

They understand current market conditions and are the best advisors available surrounding commercial property development and fluctuations in price, location desirability and building surveying. They also use their insights to predict how changes in the future of the market may impact upon your investment, and whether there are ways you can get around this before securing your commercial property deal.

Enhancing Potential For Future Profits

Commercial estate agents are great at evaluating the true cost of a property. You may feel blindsided when it comes to doing this without the knowledge required, so enlisting their help for an honest and accurate evaluation service is a great idea before making any investment decisions. Reaching a sound estimate based on the condition of the property, its location, and factoring into account any repairs that need to be undertaken, can help ensure that you reach a price that means you won’t be losing out if it comes to moving on from the property or relocating further in the future. Ideally, you want to find a property that suits your requirements for the meantime, while potentially being able to profit from the investment you’ve made later on – when you feel it’s time to move on from the location.

Investing in the right property locations for your commercial business can be a great way to gain assets that will benefit future success and guarantee the security of your company’s financial situation. If you do choose to move on from your selected location and do make a profit from doing so, these profits can be strategically re-invested into your new relocation efforts; allowing you to move from strength to strength in growing the success of your developing business.

If reading this guide to how using commercial estate agents can help improve office relocation projects has sparked your interest, you may be looking to find the perfect office relocation company to help you make the next steps in ensuring successful relocation. Office Workspace are undoubtedly the first port of call you should look towards, with our abundance of knowledge surrounding relocation processes and their close collaboration efforts with commercial estate agent specialists. Get in touch with us today, on 020 8309 0000.

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