When thinking about how you can implement strategies that help grow the success of your business, it’s worth considering the advantages of great office design. The office is where the majority of your employees spend most of their working day. It’s, therefore, the most essential place concerning the success of your business, and the way you choose to design it can have a wide range of advantages for everyone who uses the space. These advantages all play a part in enhancing productivity, employee satisfaction levels, cost-saving methods and even sustainability efforts. Read on for more insight into how great office design can be advantageous for you and your company.

What does great office design involve?

Great office design usually involves sourcing the help of a reputable office refurbishment or fit out company that suits your company’s requirements. Try looking for companies that have a strong portfolio. Being able to see images of previous projects can give you a sense of whether they can provide what you’re looking for from an aesthetic viewpoint. Further to this, clearly discussing the objectives behind your office design can help experts to suggest improvements that you may not have even considered yourself. In order to get the most out of your office design recommendations, you should start discussing your ideas with your employees in advance. This can help you see things from their perspective. Communicating openly with them from an early stage may help you identify areas that need to be improved upon.

Read online reviews and case studies to see whether past clients were happy with their services. Get in touch with the office design specialist that you’re interested in, asking if you could arrange a consultation and a potential quote for your office design ideas. Trustworthy office refurbishment or fit out companies can work with you to develop ideas that are within your price range!

When searching for the perfect company to work with, you should make sure to approach office designers that can also give you great workplace consultancy advice. Workplace consultancy is used to evaluate the current design, layout and techniques involved in your current office workspace. It observes the ways in which your employees are currently interacting with their physical environment, and the expert advice that workspace consultants give can help you decide what’s working well and what isn’t.

Increased employee productivity rates

One of the key advantages of office design is that it has the potential to completely reform your workforce’s working habits! This can have a great impact on their productivity rates, saving you money as a business. As more work is completed faster, you’ll be able to see impressive results of your renovated office and reap the rewards.

The newest innovations in office design techniques and product development mean we have an array of choices with regards to improving employee productivity. For example, ergonomic furniture, listed as one of the top 20 trends for the new decade, is increasingly important in improving employee potential. Uncomfortable, carelessly designed furniture should no longer have to be endured by the workforce, and it can severely damage their performance, health and job satisfaction. Ergonomic furniture is specially designed with the user in mind, in order to provide them with the comfort and safety they require to perform their tasks with ease!

Other design considerations, such as making the office a creative space brimming with inspiration, can make your workforce more inspired and productive. Placing artwork on the walls around your office environment, mixed in with other motivational encouragements such as your company’s slogan, can prompt employees to up their game.

Improving workforce wellbeing and health

A major trend for the future of productive workspaces is to focus on your workforce’s wellbeing, health and job satisfaction. Your employees are at the core of your company. Designing spaces suited to their needs will allow them to perform increasingly well. It’s therefore essential that employee opinions are considered when thinking about your office design. Getting them involved with the process can make them feel as though they’re more of a key asset to the company, enhancing engagement and excitement surrounding your new office design.

One way that businesses are improving their workforce’s wellbeing is through promoting the benefits of agile working. Agile working is where the workplace adapts to the modern working requirements that mean the workforce is changing to be able to work from anywhere, at any time. This method of working has a number of benefits for your workforce, most notably the greater access to freedom and improved work-life balance. The impact that agile working has had on office design in recent years has been truly impressive, demonstrating how working environments can adapt and be used more effectively.

As the internet gives people the ability to work from home or beyond the constraints of strict business hours, companies are building remote working communities within their offices. This provides a community space where those who prefer this type of working life can meet and collaborate. These areas are specially designed to enhance corporate culture despite remote working conditions, ensuring employees don’t become alienated and that their wellbeing doesn’t suffer as a result. Vibrant, inspiring spaces provide a comfortable place from where they can work, relax and communicate effectively with co-workers, all when it suits them best. People are simply productive at varying times of the day, and they often figure out what works for them. Employees become more satisfied with their work-life balance, encouraging them to become more productive and resourceful while they do work.

A stronger brand image for your business

Improving your brand image often starts with the office workspace and how it’s designed. You may have been focused on your outer brand image for way too long. However, the inner image portrayed by your office workspace plays just as much of a role in the success of your branding efforts! The office atmosphere your employees are surrounded by can influence how they work, think and behave. That’s why it’s another one of the top 20 trends for office design – and it’s expected to stay.

Adding design elements inspired by your company branding itself, such as placing artwork inspired by your products and colour scheme, work to remind employees of the key company values they’re working towards. Any potential clients that may visit your office workspace to attend a meeting, for example, will be impressed by how your brand’s image has been incorporated into a physical space.

Your company culture will also benefit from the addition of branding to the workspace. Branding makes individuals, particularly employees, feel more as though they are part of a stable community all working together to achieve one common goal. This can encourage great collaborative teamwork ethic and spark new ideas amongst co-workers.

Futureproofing your office workspace

Office design can be used in various ways that actually futureproof your workspace for years to come. Office refurbishment and fit out shouldn’t be a short-term solution. Rather, these processes should involve meticulous planning and consideration, in order for them to become a long-lasting and worthwhile investment for your company.

Implementing the latest trends into your office design is a great way to futureproof your working environment. Many office-based interior trends are focused on adapting spaces to suit the slow-evolving macro trends surrounding human behaviour and how we work on a professional level. The majority of these trends are therefore deliberately considered and will remain suitable for your office even as we welcome new generations into the workplace.

One sure-fire way to futureproof your office is to start focusing on your sustainability efforts. Sustainability is likely to become an even bigger consideration in the design world as we adapt to our changing climate, so installing the correct infrastructure and design early on will support your business for the future. From the very first fit out design, you should consider using energy-saving layouts, facilities and systems in your office. One example of this is adopting an open plan layout for your workspace. While partitioned desks and private offices were popular in previous years, they may no longer be the way forward for your new office design! Futureproofing your office involves responding accordingly to the changes going on around us and making an effort to think about what the next steps for your business may be.

Effective space utilisation techniques

Space utilisation techniques have major potential with regards to improving your office design. Leasing office space is expensive, and for many businesses, it remains the highest outgoing cost each month. So, what if we told you that you could be reducing costs while also maximising the potential of the space you do have? With expert advice provided from dependable office design companies, you can implement a number of space utilising techniques throughout your new office design.

In agile working environments, space is saved as the community working hubs are ready and available for those who need to use them. This allows you to utilise the space you’ve saved in other ways that can improve your business. Perhaps the employees that do prefer to remain at their stationery desks are provided more personal space, or you could even hire a few extra employees and improve everyone’s workflow. Allowing people to work in the spaces that suit them best is a great way to achieve true space utilisation.

Effective organisational techniques and storage solutions are another way to successfully make the most out of your office space. Many recent office design trends involve the multi-functionality of furniture that has the potential to double up as storage space, saving valuable floor space and allowing users to keep themselves organised. The recent innovations to office furniture are one aspect of office design that should never be overlooked, particularly when trying to futureproof your working environment.

Save your business money and time

One of the most vital advantages of office design is its potential to save money and time. This gives your business the ability to invest extra efforts into the areas that require the most attention, rather than being held back by the limitations brought about by unsuccessful office design. The improvements to employee performance that have occurred as a result of their heightened job satisfaction levels mean your business may be profiting from the successes of the workforce’s new, inspired ideas.

These increased employee satisfaction rates mean you are likely to experience higher employee retention rates, too. Money and time are both saved in this instance, as you don’t need to spend extra on recruiting and related resources. Improving retention rates by enhancing the office environment also ensures that the funds spent on training employees doesn’t go to waste. Satisfied employees may also be more likely to recruit their own connections to the workforce via word-of-mouth, improving your reputation as a company and limiting the resources you have to spend on hiring new talent!

Getting your futureproof, on-trend office design right from the very beginning can work wonders. It means you don’t have to continuously re-invest further down the line, as the innovative workplace can easily be adapted to suit new changing requirements. Choosing the right company to do the job, however, may be another task in itself… Read on for the low-down on how Office Workspace can help you transform your office today.

How Office Workspace can transform your workspace

This article may have sparked your intrigue, and you may now be considering how you can get well on your way to developing your new office design… If so, it’s definitely worth taking a look at Office Workspace and our innovative office design ideas and cost-saving techniques have been benefitting the many pleased clients we’ve worked with.

What does great office design involve?
Great office design involves searching for a reputable office refurbishment or fit out company that has a range of capabilities and experience. While considering your office design needs, you should be looking towards your employees for inspiration and opinions. Doing this will allow you to adapt your workspace into one that works for them, the ones who use it the most. Office Workspace knows exactly how to design environments that suit a range of workforces.

Increased employee productivity rates
Productivity is at the heart of most businesses, and with good reason. Increased productivity rates mean you’re getting more done in less time, which saves your business money and time. Office design can greatly improve your workforce’s productivity rates. This can be done by designing ergonomic furniture, considering the importance of office layout, and thinking about alternative ways of working that could benefit your workforce. Office Workspace is capable of all this and much more!

Improving workforce wellbeing and health
Workforce wellbeing is a huge trend for office design at the moment, for all the right reasons. Supporting your workforce’s healthy lifestyle and a positive work-life balance will ensure they remain satisfied with their job. This means they’re more likely to put in the extra effort, ultimately becoming a more productive and successful asset to your company.

A stronger brand image for your business
Enhancing your brand image is particularly important when it comes to office design. The design choices you make should reflect your core brand values and goals as a company, from the types of materials to the colours you choose to work with. This has the added benefit of impressing your potential clients, bringing in more revenue, as well as reminding your employees that they’re part of a thriving community.

Futureproofing your office workspace
Planning for the future is a great advantage to office design. Our evolving workforce’s expectations are growing, and businesses are expected to quickly adapt. Focusing on sustainability and being more environmentally friendly are significant ways you can improve the longevity of your office design for the future. Office design companies that are constantly looking towards the future, such as Office Workspace, can help you achieve your goals.

Effective space utilisation techniques
Space utilisation can save your business tons of money on real estate costs, while also considering productivity levels. Effective storage solutions, adaptable working spaces and well-organised layouts are all amazing ways to utilise your space!

Save your business money and time
We all want to cut down on costs and save time when it comes to business! Great office design can provide you with a range of advantages such as this, that you can use strategically in order to help your business grow from strength to strength. This allows you to re-invest your profits in improving the areas of your business that need it the most.

How Office Workspace can transform your office
Getting in touch with Office Workspace may just be the next step you should make in securing the future success of your business. Our expert team of office designers have years of experience in transforming a variety of different workplaces and organisations, throughout varying industries. We have a wide range of knowledge to draw upon when it comes to implementing the best office design strategies that will advantage your business.

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