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Davis Construction’s Office Design & Office Refurbishment

The Southend on Sea-based construction experts came to us with a challenge:

To design and implement a total office fit out and reconfiguration, and create fully revitalised and engaging spaces.

As always, our people at Office Workspace were excited to step up to the challenge.

True to what makes our team special, we focused on our core ethos to consult—create—complete.

Consulting with an innovator in the construction sector means working with a team who know what they want. Our client is a renowned brand with a clear vision and high expectations from the designers they partner with.

Our Office Workspace family are fortunate to have a strong in-house team that brings it all to the table on every project, and for every client.

Each of our people brings a unique and expert set of skills to work, and together we are always striving to deliver the best in:

Creating Every Step

The scope included dedicated and shared workspaces, kitchen and meal areas, washrooms, and a game area.

It ranged from implementing graphics in line with branding guidelines, lighting installation, furniture curation, and furniture installation, to managing every aspect of the project from A to Z.

Through every step of the creation phase, our team were inspired by the branding strengths Davis Construction brought to the table.

Davis Construction had a clear colour scheme requirement—slate and yellow—for their space. This branding runs through the revitalized office environment—from the breakout spaces to the dedicated, collaborative work zones.

We also ran with their vision to curate functional, bold furniture to complement the energy of the new work areas.

Completing The Project

As we moved into the completion phase of the project—delivering a full Southend office refurbishment + 400 pieces of furniture in 22 days—our focus was where it had been the whole time: creating energizing open spaces and a strong space identity for a bold, innovative construction firm.

We were excited to see our client’s fresh and conceptual office space come together. A beautifully designed and branded workplace isn’t just about leaving our clients thrilled—it’s about invigorating your employees, driving your team’s productivity, and inspiring your customers.

The satisfaction that comes from delivering the best for our clients never diminishes, even after 45 years in this vibrant industry, we call home.

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