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Plexal Challenge

Plexal reached out to us to redesign a space which they felt wasn’t securing maximum ROI for them. The design needed to accommodate fixed work stations, and areas to support agile working.
Being a co-working environment it was essential to create a durable and future proof environment that attracted people.

Our Solution

To create a sense of elevation we designed a raised floor area with down lights that stands out as the main artistic feature. This included steps as well as a slope to accommodate wheelchair users.

Electric height adjustable desks also accommodate all users enhancing the hotdesking style of working that Plexal were aiming for.

The hanging acoustic lights were one of the biggest wins of the whole project, the unparalleled acoustic properties proved instrumental in keeping noise levels down in highly populated area.

We removed features that were not producing ROI to enable space for 6 meeting booths as well as converting open spaces to offices

We Provided

  • Design Concepts & Consultancy
  • Space Utilisation
  • Furniture Consultancy
  • Furniture
  • Bespoke Carpentry
  • Electrics and Data
  • Feature Lighting
  • Agile Workspaces
  • Biophilic Feature walls
  • Flooring
  • Ceilings
  • Glass Partitions
  • Plasterboard
  • Mezzanine & Balustrades
  • Smart RFID

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