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Office Workspace is a close-knit family business in its third generation of operation. The ability to design and develop efficient new workspaces is woven into our very DNA, as both a family and as tradespeople. We are constantly evolving our knowledge surrounding workspace innovation and trends, as we understand the importance of keeping up with those around us, despite the deeply rooted foundations of our brand’s history.
We’re devoted to providing you with the latest in workspace design. All our completed projects/blog are completely on-trend, due to our years of expertise in delivering the most innovative solutions. In doing this, we also endeavour to design you a space that withstands the test of time – you’re not investing in a workspace you’ll have to restyle every few years.

The quality of work/blog we undertake upholds the reputation of not just our family – but our business, too. We are therefore committed to delivering only the very best when it comes to providing you with the latest in carefully considered and expertly implemented workspace services, from office relocation to complete workspace refurbishment. Take a look at our Case Studies page to see the aesthetically minimalistic yet innovative and efficiently functional style we work in. Get in touch with us today to arrange your no-obligation quote.

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Davis Construction

Office Design, Office Fit Out & Office Refurbishment

Consulting with an innovator in the construction sector means working with a team who know what they want. Our client is a renowned brand with a clear vision and high expectations from the designers they partner with.

What happens when a construction innovator like Davis Construction hires Office Workspace?


Office Design, Office Fit Out, Office Furniture & Office Refurbishment

When the NHS needed an office refurbishment partner, they turned to Office Workspace. Their brief was for a clean area that was conducive to teamwork.

They were seeking advice on
maximising the investment they would be making, and the office fit-out needed to be a turnkey

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