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Add The Missing Link To Your Office With Office Furniture

At Office Workspace, we understand the positive impact that supplying and manufacturing quality furniture has on the workspace. Our years of ongoing experience in office refurbishment have taught us that getting your office furniture right is crucial when it comes to perfecting your working environment; perhaps even before anything else is considered.

Most teams spend five days a week in the working atmosphere that you provide for them. It’s therefore down to you, as an organisation, to select the right specialists with the experience necessary to fulfil your office-related necessities and desires. Office Workspace believes in working together with clients to figure out exactly how their office’s furniture can support their employees in achieving their full potential.

Ergonomically Designed Furniture

Ergonomic design is based around the study of creating furniture that considers how staff interact with.

Ergonomic Design

Key to improving the productivity of your team, our ergonomically designed furniture provides your workforce with the levels of comfort that will motivate them to achieve their best work.

Thinking For The Future

We take great lengths to ensure the furniture we supply and manufacture is hardwearing and durable enough to support your workforce for years to come, as we believe in investing in the future growth and success of your organisation.

Improved Space Efficiency

Office space can often be limited. Efficiently designed furniture offers the space utilisation and storage necessities that any successful establishment should prioritise. Our solutions provide only the most resourceful results.

A Happier Workforce

Investing in your office furniture to create a more satisfied workforce will ensure your teams continue to thrive, inspiring their creativity and stimulating motivation. Happier workforces create harmonious working environments.

Reducing Workplace stress

On a psychological level, we endeavour to decrease workloads by helping you select the most appropriate furniture to suit your office space. Something as seemingly simple as choosing the right chair can make your employee’s lives much easier. At Office Workspace, we are experts in evaluating the physical and psychological ‘space’ between individuals and the workspace furniture they use every day. The two should ultimately work together seamlessly, reducing workplace stress and aiding the interaction between the worker and their environment.

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Office Design, Office Fit Out & Office Refurbishment

Interconnector UK chose to connect with Office Workspace a year in advance of their lease end date. After a vigorous selection process, it was determined that OfficeWorkspace offered exactly the high standards of assurance and experience, as well as the unique turn-key approach that Interconnector were looking for.

Davis Construction

Office Design, Office Fit Out & Office Refurbishment

Consulting with an innovator in the construction sector means working with a team who know what they want. Our client is a renowned brand with a clear vision and high expectations from the designers they partner with.

What happens when a construction innovator like Davis Construction hires Office Workspace?


Office Design, Office Fit Out, Office Furniture & Office Refurbishment

When the NHS needed an office refurbishment partner, they turned to Office Workspace. Their brief was for a clean area that was conducive to teamwork.

They were seeking advice on
maximising the investment they would be making, and the office fit-out needed to be a turnkey

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