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Helping You Save Space With Space Utilisation

When space is used efficiently, it can provide the room for an organisation to operate effectively. Our space utilisation experts understand the need to establish priorities and consider the purpose of each space within an office. Consideration can then be made as to whether its use is efficient and how improvements can be implemented.

Space utilisation begins by gathering information on how the working environment is used each day and deploying that data to help you save space. Whether you have adopted activity-based working with employees finding an area that works best for a specific task or whether the nature of the work demands an allocated desk, we can optimise your office space, thus saving space, and money!

Saving Space? Space Utilisation?

Using Space Utilisation services to help you save space. You deserve to get the most out of your space.

The Changing office Environment

70% of workers no longer sit behind a desk. This provides opportunities for enhanced space utilisation and achieving cost savings.

The Modern Workspace

Providing spaces for collaboration which focuses on enhanced communication can further both productivity and efficiency.

Meeting Room Revolution

Is a meeting room needed or is what’s really required is an area suitable for quiet to work or that’s conducive to team discussion? Reallocating meeting rooms can achieve significant space utilisation results.

Meeting The Needs of Your Organisation

No two organisations have the same requirements, nor do they operate in the same way. Our design experts design for your needs.

Space Utilisation Proves Saving Space Is Very Possible

The way in which we work, and the location of that work has changed dramatically in recent years. The explosion of technology allows teams to work together even when they’re miles apart. This means that there will be opportunities to save space using effective space utilisation services through the careful planning of desks.

Meeting space is a common frustration within many organisations, either they sit empty, or they seem always to be unavailable when needed. Our consultants will work with you to understand the requirements you have and then identify the most effective space utilisation. Areas designed for collaboration and effective soundproofing in areas for quiet working can negate the need for separate meeting room space.

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Office Design, Office Fit Out & Office Refurbishment

Interconnector UK chose to connect with Office Workspace a year in advance of their lease end date. After a vigorous selection process, it was determined that OfficeWorkspace offered exactly the high standards of assurance and experience, as well as the unique turn-key approach that Interconnector were looking for.

Davis Construction

Office Design, Office Fit Out & Office Refurbishment

Consulting with an innovator in the construction sector means working with a team who know what they want. Our client is a renowned brand with a clear vision and high expectations from the designers they partner with.

What happens when a construction innovator like Davis Construction hires Office Workspace?


Office Design, Office Fit Out, Office Furniture & Office Refurbishment

When the NHS needed an office refurbishment partner, they turned to Office Workspace. Their brief was for a clean area that was conducive to teamwork.

They were seeking advice on
maximising the investment they would be making, and the office fit-out needed to be a turnkey

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