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Increase Productivity, and Save Money With Workplace Consultancy

As an organisation evolves, the requirements for its office workspace develop alongside it. Whether it’s the need for an environment which encourages collaboration or introducing flexibility for project teams, we can provide both inspiration and office design concepts.

The workspace consultancy service gathers information on how you operate. We work with you to identify both your needs and your priorities. Through this process, we can establish where the working environment is assisting the operation and where there are opportunities to save money and increase productivity!

We firmly believe that workspace consultancy shouldn’t just look at the here and now, because we know that you need a space which is capable of also meeting your future needs. Through understanding your organisation, we can identify opportunities for accommodating future growth and expansion.

Save Money with Workplace Consultancy

We have been providing office refurbishment and Workspace Consultancy for over 45 years of excellence. We are a family business in its third generation.

Fresh Pair of Eyes

When you know that you need to make some changes but need a professional perspective, workspace consultancy can be the perfect solution.

Embolden Your Brand

Does your working environment represent your organisation? Strengthen your identity and your business ethos through your office workspace.

Future Proof Your Office

Workspace consultancy can help not only with your immediate needs, but also with what your company will need in the future.

Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Review your working environment for opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and water usage. Save the planet and lower your utility bills.

Using Workplace Consultancy To Increase Employee Morale

There may be times when you need to strengthen a brand image or embed values and culture; while preserving employee morale, and increasing productivity. An office workspace can embody these and provide a consistent visual reminder to your team. We can help not only with the physical aspects of the working environment but also with the way in which your organisation presents itself to both your clients and new talent.

We live in an era where every company needs to reduce its environmental footprint. Identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption and running costs have become a priority. It may be as simple as changes to lighting and establishing recycling points; workplace consultancy can help you to identify the ways to meet your targets.

Whether you have a clear vision of how your office space will evolve or whether you need to draw on the inspiration of our design team, we can provide the support you need with our workspace consultancy services.

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Office Design, Office Fit Out & Office Refurbishment

Interconnector UK chose to connect with Office Workspace a year in advance of their lease end date. After a vigorous selection process, it was determined that OfficeWorkspace offered exactly the high standards of assurance and experience, as well as the unique turn-key approach that Interconnector were looking for.

Davis Construction

Office Design, Office Fit Out & Office Refurbishment

Consulting with an innovator in the construction sector means working with a team who know what they want. Our client is a renowned brand with a clear vision and high expectations from the designers they partner with.

What happens when a construction innovator like Davis Construction hires Office Workspace?


Office Design, Office Fit Out, Office Furniture & Office Refurbishment

When the NHS needed an office refurbishment partner, they turned to Office Workspace. Their brief was for a clean area that was conducive to teamwork.

They were seeking advice on
maximising the investment they would be making, and the office fit-out needed to be a turnkey

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